About Us

Learn to Detail® was created by automotive enthusiasts and detailing professionals that were frustrated by the thin, confusing, and often contradictory nature of the detailing information found online.

Welcome! My name is Tyler Dixon, and I am the Founder of Learn to Detail®. Detailing vehicles has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I could often be found outside on the driveway detailing my parent’s cars just for fun. There was just something about the process and the finished product that I really enjoyed.

In my early 20s, I was buying vehicles as a dealer at dealer auctions. Cars, trucks, and SUVs came in and out of my possession, all in varying levels of condition. One thing was consistent though. All of them were in need of a deep detail. I was faced with all sorts of challenges, from weird smells, to paint stains, and everything in between. Solving each of these problems deepened my experience and skills.

As the years went on, I moved on from being an automotive dealer, and turned my focus towards college and career. Detailing vehicles became more of a therapeutic hobby (perhaps you can relate).

As we added kids to our family (totaling 6), the detailing became more of a necessity. To put it simply (in case you don’t know) kids are messy and very hard on vehicles.

As I turned to the internet for solutions, I was often served thin resources and guides with fake reviews. Not helpful.

So the decision was made to create an automotive detailing resource that was done right, to serve both the “at-home garage warrior” and the aspiring detailing entrepreneur, written by experienced automotive and marine detailing professionals. A resource with in-depth detailing guides, real-world product & equipment recommendations and helpful tips. That resource is Learn to Detail®.

ALL the content published on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified, experienced detailing professional.

Tyler Dixon
Founder, Learn to Detail®