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How To Wash And Detail A Car
5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making And How You Can Avoid Them

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How To Wash And Detail A Car: 5 Mistakes You Are Probably Making And How You Can Avoid Them




Meet Gary Kouba, the man who has taught thousands of people how to easily detail their own cars like a pro.

Gary Kouba has taught well over 200 detailing clinics. He moderates several internet car care sites and generously shares his expertise in newspapers and professional auto detailing magazines. He is respected by his peers and admired by his many happy customers for his thorough knowledge of automobile detaining.

Gary Kouba has detailed cars for television and movie stars, celebrities, serious car collectors and thousands of ordinary folks who love their cars and want them to look their best. Gary himself says, “it’s not that complicated, just follow the steps I show you.” In his DVD you’ll learn the same techniques that this car detailing master uses to detail some of the most expensiveluxury cars made. You don’t need special equipment or exotic products – you just need to follow Gary’s simple, clearly demonstrated steps.

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