Useful Products You May Wish To Purchase

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to do all of the things you’ll learn about in the DVD. A couple of buckets, high quality automotive shampoo and some microfiber towels will get you started.

Some people get much more serious about it and want to have a buffer. We recommend the Porter-Cable 7424, listed below. You might also want to pick up some clay bars, also listed below.

One thing you’ll learn from Gary is that you want to be using Microfiber towels on your finish. Do NOT use a sponge to wash your car and do NOT use bath towels or a shammy (chamois) to dry it. Use microfiber towels only. Order some now and you’ll be ready to detail like a pro in no time.

Buffers are not required, but will save you time and ease your work on big jobs. We recommend the Porter-Cable 7424, listed above. Also, instead of car wax, use synthetic sealant. You’ll learn why in the DVD.

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