Now You Can Wash & Detail Your Own Car Like A Pro

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This DVD shows you exactly how to do it yourself!

 Learn To Detail Your Own Car

You’ll Learn From The Expert!


Gary Kouba is an expert at automobile detailing and has written articles for car detailing journals, moderated several car detailing forums and taught over 200 detailing clinics.

He has detailed cars for the stars and now you can learn his secrets in his DVD, “Keep Your Car Looking New For Pennies A Day.”

Here are just some of the valuable things you’ll learn …

• • Inside information that can save thousands of dollars when buying a new car!
For example, many new car buyers pay over $1,000 for something you can do yourself
for less than $5.00. This is a serious rip-off that you should avoid.
This tip alone could save you about $800 – $1,000.

• • Understand how to treat today’s dual-stage paint systems to make them last longer,
look better and protect your car’s metal from rust.
 • Know which common products give a deep, brilliant shine that lasts up to six months
and which ones are a waste of money.
• • Know how to safely remove damaging abrasive particles before you wash.
 • Get a protective finish that lasts 6 times longer than wax, with less work.
• • Know when and how to use a buffer, and which ones to use safely.
• • Learn what automotive clay is and how it will clean your paint.
• • Learn how to clean your car’s carpet (even if you have kids).
• • Learn how to make your engine compartment sparkle.
• Know how and when to use an automatic car wash.
Keep your interior looking and smelling like new.
 • Get rid of ugly swirl marks and minor scratches.
 • Clear the confusion about car care products.
 • Know how to select and use a buffer.
• • How to detail a car professionally.
 • How to wash a car correctly.
 • Be proud of doing it yourself.
 • Save your money!

Just $19.95

You are going to be amazed when you learn how much of what you thought you knew about washing and detailing your car is actually damaging your finish. We know that you will be thrilled to put the information presented in this DVD to work right away on your own car. We absolutely guarantee that it will make an immediate improvement in the look and cleanliness of your car, inside and out, including your engine compartment. However, if for any reason you do not feel that it meets your expectations, simply return the DVD for a prompt, no questions asked, 100% refund. Take 60 days to decide.

Gary Kouba demonstrates how to use the “Plastic Bag Test”


Take This Amazing Paint Test Yourself

Put a plastic baggie on your hand and gently rub it over the surface of your car’s paint. Do you feel a lot of little bumps and lumps that your eye cannot see?

Many of them are actually embedded in your paint.

If you wash your car with those microscopic contaminants, you are breaking them off and scrubbing them around, sandpapering your paint. Each little bump can cause micro scratches, which result in those hazy swirls that spoil a car’s finish. Washing your car without removing those particles will damage your paint (in addition to the damage you can inflict by improper washing techniques.)

How do you get rid of them? The DVD shows you how to get rid of those surface contaminants safely, so that you can wash your car the correct way.

Plastic Bag Test

Gary Kouba demonstrates how to use the “Plastic Bag Test” to determine if your paint is full of microscopic contaninants which will scratch your paint if you don’t remove them prior to washing your car. Gary demonstrates how to safely remove them, as well as how to properly wash your car once you have them removed.

You’ll be amazed at how much of what you thought you knew about washing a car will actually damage your paint.

By following the advice in the DVD you will avoid unnecessary damage and will get a mirror-like, professional finish. It is easy when you know how to do it.

Rick Smith from Cambria, California explains how he learned to detail his car from this DVD.

Rick Smith from Cambria, California explains how he learned to detail
his car from this DVD. “I’m the producer of the DVD. Frankly, I didn’t know anything
about detailing a car before making this DVD with Gary Kouba.”
Smith says. “In fact, I learned that most of what I was doing to wash
my car was actually damaging it. After following the steps Gary
demonstrates in the DVD,my car had an amazing,
mirror-like finish. I impressed myself.”

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Kim Miller, Central Coast California, talks about making her 8-year old
car look so good that friends thought she had bought a new car. She
says it is easy and that “anyone can learn how to do it if they just follow
the simple steps clearly demonstrated in the DVD.”

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If you want to learn to detail your car like the pros do, this DVD is just what you need!

What you don’t get is gratuitous bikini-clad babes soaping up cars in this video. We feel that is silly and unprofessional. This DVD is just great, practical information presented in a professional format by an expert who knows car detailing and how to teach you how to do it. If you want to learn car detailing, this DVD is the one for you.

Put Pad On Buffer Buffer Wheel

Buffers got you baffled? Gary gives a thorough introduction to the different kinds of buffers, which pads are used for different purposes, and how to safely use one. You do not need a buffer to get outstanding results as demonstrated in this DVD, but if you want to use a buffer, Gary will show you how to pick one and how to use it.

Gary also gives you tons of tips that will help you save money and solve common problems like tar, bird droppings and tree sap on your paint, or soda pop, chewing gum or lipstick on your carpet.

Explaining how to clean an engine Clean Engine

Want to know how to clean your engine compartment so that it looks new? Gary shows you how and it is so simple! From tires to your dash, you’ll learn how to clean them like a pro, with common tools and products.

Gary has a LOT of tips to share with you. This sample is about towels.

You get over 90 minutes of practical advice you can use right away for only $19.95. So what are you waiting for?

Order today!

You have a no-nonsense, no questions asked guarantee. If this DVD doesn’t meet your expectations, for any reason, simply return it for a prompt, full refund. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. This is perfect for anyone in the [imwb_cgt_cityName] area.

Just $19.95


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